Get to know Charlotte from the World Playground Research Team

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Charlotte Pawlowski Profile


Meet Charlotte Pawlowski, an associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark and part of the World Playground Research Institute.

Charlotte: “With over 12 years of experience, I am dedicated to exploring the relationship between outdoor play spaces and human behavior. My research interest is to unfold the intricate relationship between our surroundings and how we engage with them.”

New Research

Throughout her professional career, Charlotte has contributed significantly to the academic landscape. She has published 31 peer-reviewed scientific papers, where she has served as the first author for 15.

Charlotte: “My most recent publication, is a review on the crucial role of playgrounds in developing children’s fundamental movement skills. The article was published with my colleagues at the World Playground Research Institute in PlosOne. I believe this review can serve as a valuable resource for policy- and decision-makers engaged in planning, designing, and maintaining playgrounds to improve children’s fundamental movement skills.”

Current Work

While Charlotte’s previous work concentrated on the impact of playgrounds on children’s physical activity, she recognized the scarcity of findings on fundamental movement skills.

Charlotte: “I wanted to create an overview of existing literature and conduct a study that deepens our understanding of how future playground designs can better foster children’s fundamental movement skills.”

Charlotte’s primary focus revolves around creating inclusive playgrounds that cater to children with diverse abilities and backgrounds. At the heart of her research is the belief that children should have a say in the design process.

Charlotte: “I’m particularly intrigued by how we can co-create and co-design playgrounds with children. In this relatively new research area, there is much to explore about the optimal ways and times to engage children in creating inclusive and healthy playgrounds.”

Future Research Plans

As we look to the future, Charlotte acknowledges the gaps in our understanding of the playground’s impact on children’s health, especially in terms of mental well-being.

Charlotte: “We need more comprehensive and evidence-based research, and I plan to delve into this area in the near future, and hopefully contribute to our knowledge of how playgrounds shape the holistic health of children.”


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