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Welcome to the World Playground Research Institute, where we invite you to join us in shaping the future of children’s health and development through evidence-based playground design.

Write with us

We are always eager to broaden our platform and value knowledgeable collaborators from various backgrounds (e.g. researchers, designers, city planners, children’s professionals, and others with an interest in playgrounds).

We are currently inviting collaborators to write with us about: 

1. The impact of playgrounds on children’s …
  • Physical health
  • Physical activity
  • Motor skills
  • Mental health
  • Social health
2. Development of playgrounds in a variety of settings …
  • Schools
  • Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) 
  • Open Public Space  
  • Healthcare
3. Playground use and behaviour among different age groups ...
  • 0 - 18 years
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Joining forces

Writing with us presents a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of advancing children’s health and development globally.

By contributing your expertise, you will:

  • 1. Have a direct impact on improving the lives of children by contributing your expertise and insights to shape the future of playground design.
  • 2. Engage in a collaborative culture that fosters the exchange of ideas among a diverse group of experts, sharing a common passion for child development.
  • 3. Gain visibility within our network, showcasing it to a broader audience, and extending the reach of your contributions.

What do we publish?

Our website is a dynamic resource, and we offer various formats for content:

  • We create concise briefs on specific peer review articles. These briefs highlight key findings and their practical implications in a user-friendly and easy to share format.
  • Our comprehensive article database offers a variety of articles that provide insights into the design, planning, and impacts of playgrounds.
  • Our news feed contains the latest updates and opinions on specific topics. This platform actively contributes insights, fostering dialogues through various formats. Additionally, you have the opportunity to showcase your research profile and ongoing projects in a research feature.
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Editorial Policy

The first step is to contact us if you want to write with us. Based on your idea or text, we will determine its fit and explore how we can make it work together. 

In the second step, our team of editors will assist authors in ensuring the accuracy and soundness of each item published on our website.  

We are also available to provide proofreading assistance. If you use any type of generative AI to produce your text for us – such as creating a short text for a brief – we encourage you to share this with us in a brief statement for discussion with our team of editors. For clarity we utilize AI tools to proofread for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. 

For major revisions, we will collaborate with the respective writer or author to ensure alignment with both our vision and theirs.  

To maintain transparency, we ensure that all published items on our website are credited accordingly. 

Guidelines for writers


  • Must be written in English
  • Keep it short and simple with 600-1000 words
  • Explain relevance to our website themes/objectives
  • Must be based on a peer reviewed article (either research article, review or other types of peer reviewed articles)
  • If you want to include an image, it’s the author’s responsibility to ensure all necessary rights and permissions
  • We will create the final PDF to align with our established design guide. However, we welcome ideas and additional input


  • Must be written in English
  • Explain relevance to our website themes/objectives
  • Must be a peer reviewed article with a DOI link
  • To make sure the content is accessible for all, on all types of devices, we publish everything in an online format first. If your publication is available with a CC-By open access license, we are happy to share it linked to the online format


  • Must be written in English 
  • Explain relevance to our website themes/objectives
  • In collaboration with the editors choose the type of news post; opinion, feature, news etc.
  • Keep it short and simple with 700-1200 words
  • If you want to include an image, it’s the author’s responsibility to ensure all necessary rights and permissions

Editorial Team

If you have any questions or have a proposal for a brief, post or article, don’t hesitate to reach out.


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