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  • An alarmingly low number of children meet public health guidelines for physical activity and healthy dietary behaviors, and are at increased risk of developing lifestyle-related diseases....

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  • Boys tend to be more active than girls in the school playground. To create and build school playgrounds that can enhance active play for both boys...

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  • Many adolescents do not meet the current physical activity guidelines. Interventions targeting adolescents have often yielded disappointing results, primarily due to their lack of context specificity...

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  • Research has highlighted how school playgrounds can impact kids' social and mental well-being. However, there's a gap in understanding the exact effects of these spaces on...

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  • Access to outdoor areas and playgrounds is important for children´s health and development. Studies have shown that playgrounds can stimulate children’s social and physical activities. This...

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  • Observations of children and adolescents’ play and physical activity are crucial for understanding and evaluating the use of settings for play and physical activity. Today, human-based...

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