It’s Time to Go Out and Play! Happy International Day of Play 

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Today we’re putting play back on the agenda as we celebrate the first International Day of Play. This worldwide celebration of play was announced in March by the United Nations (UN), set to be held for the first time on June 11, 2024.  

Play is a fundamental right, and every child should have the chance to play every day! The International Day of Play is a perfect opportunity to reflect on its countless benefits.  

It’s also a chance to evaluate the current state of play, especially outdoor play, which has been declining significantly during the last two decades. This global day highlights the urgent need to address this decrease and unite in creating safe, inclusive, and high-quality play spaces for children. 

Ready to take action?

To make a change, everyone involved in children’s lives needs to take action – from parents to policy makers. Numerous international organizations and foundations are already promoting and facilitating outdoor play, particularly those partnering in the International Day of Play. These organizations, along with other NGO’s and community groups, play a crucial role in advocating for and implementing the necessary changes to create more and better play spaces for children.  

At the World Playground Research Institute, we are committed to doing our part. We compile, share, and conduct playground research globally, providing the essential arguments needed to advocate for more and better places to play. Together, we can put play back on the agenda! 

Let’s Play

Want to know more about the International Day of Play? Visit for a collection of materials, media templates, and toolkits to help spread the word.  

Let’s make this a celebration of the joy and importance of play for every child!  

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