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At the World Playground Research Institute we are committed to making valuable research knowledge accessible through concise and user-friendly publications known as Briefs.

We believe in the importance of sharing research findings, ensuring that the insights gained from studies on playgrounds are within reach for a diverse audience. Whether you are a researcher, decision-maker, designer, architect, teacher, or educator, our aim is to provide you with easy access to this knowledge.  

What our briefs offer

Our briefs are designed to provide concise summaries of key research findings and their practical implications. These summaries serve as a valuable resource, focusing on topics related to playground development and design, as well as the impact of playgrounds on children’s physical, mental and social health, and physical activity and motor skills.

Discover our collection

On this website, you’ll find a compilation of briefs that present research findings clearly and offer insights for future research and practical application. We encourage you to share these briefs and you are welcome to incorporate our materials in your work.

All briefs are available online on this webpage and as printable PDF versions for easy sharing.

Collaborate with us to write a brief

At the World Playground Research Institute we are always eager to foster partnerships and encourage collaboration. We invite you to share valuable research insights through these briefs. It is an opportunity for you to showcase your work and make your contributions known.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you want to write a brief with us or if you have any questions!
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