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Exciting times ahead at the World Playground Research Institute as we gear up for the Child in the City Conference in Brussels from November 20-22, 2023. Mette and Louise, will join professionals, planners, designers, academics, and more, sharing insights on creating child-friendly urban futures.

Hosted by the International Child in the City Foundation, in collaboration with the Brussels Capital Region and Flemish Community Commission, the Child in the City Conference zooms in on how we can collectively champion the interests of children in cities worldwide. With the theme “Building the Future,” it’s all about giving a positive boost to crafting a better world for generations to come.

Let’s talk playgrounds!

The Child in the City Conference is our chance to share research on playgrounds and dive into discussions on children’s lives in urban spaces. Our oral presentation will spotlight ongoing research, and, most importantly, we hope participants will join us in the quest for more and better playgrounds for children.

At the conference we’ll present results from our comprehensive interdisciplinary overview of global research examining the relationship between playgrounds and children’s health (parallel session 4.1, Tuesday, November 21)

Stay in the loop on social media

Mette and Louise will be your eyes and ears at the conference, sharing insights on our social media profiles X and LinkedIn throughout their stay in Brussels. Please don’t hesitate—reach out and connect!


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