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At the World Playground Research Institute we are committed to sharing projects and research findings, ensuring that the knowledge gained from our research is accessible to all. Our goal is to conduct and share research that contribute insights to health initiatives for children and young people. One of our projects is the YoPA-project, which aims to make a significant impact on youth health and well-being.

What is YoPA?

YoPA is short for The Youth-centred Participatory Action Study. The primary mission of YoPA is to collaboratively create, implement, and evaluate activity initiatives aimed at enhancing the well-being and physical activity levels of adolescents aged 12 to 18 who may find themselves in vulnerable life situations.

These are the four key challenges that the YoPA-project will address:

Challenge 1: lifestyles and health inequalities in adolescents continue to worsen
Challenge 2: increasing population density in urban areas limits space for sports and outdoor play
Challenge 3: traditional individual-level behavioral interventions are less sustainable
Challenge 4: top-down implemented, one-size-fits-all interventions are ineffective

Why YoPA?

Adolescents worldwide often struggle to meet recommended physical activity levels. Past interventions, typically led by adults without considering the specific needs of adolescents, have often yielded disappointing results. It’s against this backdrop that the YoPA project was initiated.

The YoPA Approach

The heart of YoPA is co-creation.

In each participating country (the Netherlands, South Africa, Nigeria, and Denmark) the project employs a participatory approach, engaging adolescents aged 12 to 18 alongside key stakeholders in the creative and innovative problem-solving process. Together, the YoPA-project is committed to finding initiatives that can genuinely promote healthy behaviors among young people.


From 2023 to 2027, the YoPA project is launched in vulnerable neighborhoods across four cities in the partner countries. Thanks to generous funding from a Horizon Europe grant, the YoPA-project has the opportunity to make a meaningful impact, boosting the well-being and physical activity of vulnerable adolescents.

Join Us in Making a Difference

YoPA isn’t just a project; it’s a movement toward healthier, happier futures for adolescents worldwide. Stay updated with the latest insights from the YoPA team by exploring the project’s webpage.


Please feel free to contact the listed team members below. Select the team member to view their full profile, social media and contact details.